Mr. Robert Henning Mamonto (PT. Indosiar Visual Mandiri)

  1. PT. Pro Energi responses very fast on customer complains
  2. PT. Pro Energi offers competitive prices
  3. The delivery truck is clean and nice
  4. PT. Pro Energi sales team is friendly and quick to serve customers
  5. Offer price is quite clear dan easily understandable

Mr. Noval Pahlawan (Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta)

“Pro Energi is a company that understand the commitment and responsibility towards what has been agreed.
Company that is professional in their field and know what the customer wants and needs.”

Drs. Gunawan (PT. Primamas Segara Unggul)

“I got to know this company at the end of June 2010. Its name, Pro Energi, gives a positive impression.
Item sold is diesel fuel (Shell) which is very famous for its quality.
Marketing personnel is professional and responsive to prospective customers and regular customers.
Finally, my company began to order the diesel fuel (Shell) on July 12, 2010”