All of Pro Energi lorries conform with the safety standard of Indonesia directorate general of oil and gas.  The conditions of our lorries are periodically inspected to maintain its high standard of safety.  To further ensure the accuracy of delivery quantities, all of our fleets are periodically surveyed and authorized by Badan Metrologi Indonesia which is the national regulating body in quantity measurement.

Our fleet is supported by our affiliated company : PT. Tri Daya Selaras

Number of tanker trucks in our operation:

1. Jakarta
Total Fleet : 8 unit.
10.000 liters  : 3 unit.
16.000 liters  : 5 unit.

2. Surabaya
Total Fleet  : 3 unit.
8.000 liters    : 1 unit.
16.000 liters  : 2 unit.

3. Samarinda
Total Fleet  : 23 unit.
10.000 liters  : 23 unit

Pro Energy is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the delivery and operation of safety on our truck.


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